Katie Vincent

Katie Vincent comes to APA with many years of experience monitoring animal action in the film and TV industry. She is a lifelong animal person who spent time with animals any way she could. She began riding horses when she was eight (and never grew out of the “horse phase”). She continues to ride her horse Anna and participates in parades and other equestrian activities. She began volunteering at a big cat and bear sanctuary at age 17. She attended Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management Program, a two year Associate Science’s degree with an on-location zoo, where she got hands-on experience with animals of all shapes and sizes. Some of her assignments included: monkeys, raptors, deer, coyotes, an alligator, and an infant orangutan.

Upon graduation from Moorpark, she worked for a variety of animal training and behavioral research facilities, including being a trainer for on-set activities, even caring for a colony of 450 vervet monkeys, before beginning her career keeping animals safe and happy in the entertainment industry. She volunteers weekly with a local equestrian charity, rides her horse in performances and parades including the Rose Parade, and has ridden in a 1,000 km horse race across Mongolia called the Mongol Derby.

Katie continues to branch out and is continuingly expanding her knowledge, education and experience in animal behavior. She is a very strong on-set consultant and is an excellent communicator.