Megan Blake

… and persistence got her a dog, a cat, and a pony who she trained and won her first trophy with at age 8! 

This early connection wasn’t superficial, as she saw that animals, if they were ‘listened to,” could be our greatest teachers.  She trained dogs, cats and horses by communication, by listening to and observing them.  She was truly learning how to be a pet steward and guardian on the deepest level.

Curious how minds (both human and animal) work, she earned a Magna Cum Laude, Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Georgia Tech.  Winning the title of Miss America’s Miss Georgia shifted her to broadcasting and acting, where she worked opposite brilliant stars, including Elizabeth Taylor, in dozens of projects, giving her a knowledge of working film sets.

She soon was able to combine both loves as the Host on PBS’s award-winning series, “Animal Attractions TV,” where she became a writer, producer and their “Pet Expert.”  Here, Megan worked 3 seasons with animals on many sets, including working intimately with rescued wolves.

Her cat, Tout Suite The Travel Kitty, began working on the series too, traveling over 150,000 miles with Megan. They guested on broadcasts including CNN, Fox, and ABC World News regarding Traveling with Pets and Working with Animals.  She developed and was the Head Dog Trainer for the Safe Pet Travel Curriculum for Air Hollywood Studios, and became a National Safe Pet Travel Expert for brands including Toyota and State Farm. 

Megan also continued her close work with horses into her adulthood rescuing them and housing and rehabilitating them on her property in Malibu.  She’s ridden on television projects as an actor and stunt rider involving cross country racing and jumping.  She met her “heart horse,” Starfire, at a stable, when he called her over to visit.  The little 3-year-old had been so severely abused that he was labeled dangerous.  So, he was headed to slaughter the next day.  But Starfire invited her to touch him, and that day, she rode him bareback on a joyful celebration ride to let him experience gentleness and connection of a kind person.  After seeing this, that very day, Starfire went to her forever home with Megan to her.  He lived with her for 30 years as the magnificent gentle spirit he truly was. During his life, they endurance raced together and competed in shows but mostly just cherished their deep bond.  Megan has worked with Equine Therapy Programs and has passionately dived into the world of horses as healers.

Her Spokes-dog, Super Smiley, became a dog actor, and on a Hallmark film, they even worked as actors together.  They created a series of Award Winning Films with a theme going back to Megan’s roots of animals as teachers: The Super Smiley Project, Teaching Kids Kindness Though Pets.  For their work, they were awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by The Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles.