Brandy Gladu

Brandy has a varied and extensive background working with animals. When she was a child, she would beg her neighbors to allow her to train her dogs. She has been a dog trainer for film and television, agility, flyball, dock diving, sheep herding and obedience. She is a professional horse trainer and has competed and shown internationally starting with Pony Club 30 years ago.  Her specialty is working with problem horses. She is highly proficient in dressage but has also ridden and trained in vaulting, cutting horses, polo, reining, liberty work and trick training. She is particularly interested in figuring how what make horses difficult, oftentimes finding that it is a hidden issue with pain.

She was the office registrar and manager for the Canadian Warmblood Association

Brandy has worked on many television shows, commercials and features. She loves to work in a fast-paced environment and is a great communicator on set. Brandy has extensive horse experience and is one of our most educated consultants on the subject.

Brandy is also an artist. She draws and paints, mostly animals.

She owns a candy store and lives in Vancouver, BC.