Humane Training

Krista rescued her first dog of her own in her twenties in college in a one bedroom apartment and had the time to spend hours with her at the dog park observing her and all the other dogs interact. When she adopted a second dog who started to exhibit problem behaviors at a young age is when she started to look for a good trainer. All of the trainers she called were either one size fits all (meaning she wouldn’t be treated as an individual) and she didn’t think that would address her serious issues or they were way out of her budget, so she did the next best thing and went to school to become a trainer and help her dogs.

So Krista attended Animal Behavior College with an emphasis in reactivity and problem behaviors in canines to help people in her exact situation needing help with their dogs. Believing in continuing education and wanting to always stay on the cutting edge of new training techniques and philosophies Krista earned her certificate as a behaviorist from the most recognized certification council for pet dog trainers, the CCPDT and became one of only about 300 others to do so. Attending workshops and seminars in her free time keeps her thinking outside of the box to always be able to come up with unique training plans to help her clients see amazing results with their own dogs.

Along with helping all of her private clients Krista is also the head trainer for K9 Youth Alliance a non profit organization that pairs kids ages 12-18 with shelter dogs to teach humane education to the students and valuable social skills to the shelter dogs to help them find forever homes. Krista also lends her expertise to many city shelters around Los Angeles and Orange County to work with their population of dogs to help them become more adoptable.

“My goal is to help you understand your relationship with your dog better and to help you build a strong bond that allows you both to get the most out of your time together. Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing my clients finally click with their dogs and start having the relationship and behavior they never thought imaginable. It can be done!”

In her free time you will find her outdoors with her pack of two dogs exploring the world rock climbing, white water kayaking or backcountry hiking.

Krista can be reached directly at: 323-251-7596.

Jami is currently a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT) and is a member of the APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and holds a Juris Doctor degree, specializing in Equine Law. She is a 1983 graduate of the Exotic Animal Training & Management Program (now called America’s Teaching Zoo) in Moorpark and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Animal Behavior. She worked with the renowned Operant Conditioning pioneer Bob Bailey at the IQ Zoo in Hot Springs, Arkansas and performed animal shows with dolphins and birds at Six Flags over Mid-America working for his company Animal Behavior Enterprises, shortly after graduating. She completed an internship with Ken Ramirez of the Karen Pryor Clicker Training Academy.

She has worked as a Behavior Technician at Pasadena Humane Society, where she assessed shelter dogs, taught dog training classes and developed new programs both  for enrichment and for training. She also worked with puppies and developed and taught animal activity classes such as Tricks and Treibball, as well as working directly with members of the public in humane education and solving both common and complex dog problems while working in the Behavior Dept. 

At Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Mission Hills, Jami served as the Behavior & Enrichment Lead, supervising a behavior team that specializes in playgroups for pit bulls, innovative in-kennel enrichment for all the shelters dogs and putting together various programs benefiting both adopters and the shelter’s current residents. She was a proud participant in bringing the City of Los Angeles ever closer to the goal of No-Kill. She worked with a diverse and sometimes difficult population of dogs and collaborated closely with the volunteer dept. to utilize its volunteers. She implemented the C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Learning and Social Skills) class, which teaches shelter dogs basic obedience and good manners, which results in more adoptions. She certified more  shelter dogs under this program than any other shelter in the country. She specializes in trick training, shy dogs and basic manners. She utilizes flower essences and essential oils in her training.

In addition to dog training, Jami offers Horse Agility Classes! Horse agility is very similar to dog agility sports, where the animals learn to work at liberty through obstacles courses with their handlers. It is fun for everyone, even the horses! Clinics offered monthly. Any breed, type, age or discipline can participate!

Please call 818-667-0495 for all questions and sign-ups.