Why Choose APA

Thank you for considering The Animal Protection Agency. APA is readily available to meet with you at any time to discuss your needs. Have The Animal Protection Agency On Your Set Because:


  • Until recently, productions had no choices when it comes to animal welfare oversight. Due to an industry-changing fee-for-service model, there is no longer a monopoly on film animal welfare services and your production has options
  • We are made up entirely of the most skilled consultants in the industry, with a combined 100+ years of experience. We are best prepared to assist your production, ensure your animals are treated fairly and humanely, and reduce safety risks on set. Our approach, education, experience and skills set us apart.
  • Our sign-off is accepted by all the major networks and distribution companies, assuring the public that you consider the safety and humane treatment of animals to be a priority on your set. 
  • Your audience, and the general public, want to know. Unlike other organizations, we are present for all scenes filmed with animals. APA does not perfunctorily sign-off on video clips or deliver a last-minute partial disclaimer leaving your production open to skepticism. You can rest assured we will help your production immensely by overseeing each moment of animal action on your set.


  • All APA consultants are seasoned on-set monitors with years of knowledge to draw upon. Each has hands-on experience handling, training, and caring for a wide variety of exotic and domestic animals
  • Our consultants have worked as trainers, handlers, zookeepers, veterinary technicians, certified humane officers, animal welfare professionals/law experts and wildlife rehabilitators. We possess a level of insight about animal behavior and animals’ needs that can only be achieved with decades of hands-on experience. Our animal advisors/consultants have a deep understanding of animal welfare with the ability to predict and minimize inherent risks involved on set. 
  • Our consultants have by far the most horse experience in the industry. Hands-on experience is vital to predict horse behavior and to understand the special considerations that come with riding and driving horses, as well as the unique and varied equipment used with horses. Nearly all of our monitors are current horse owners and equestrians, which sets us apart from other companies. Note that we have experience on set in particular (as opposed other organizations with reps lacking that understanding and background).


  • We do not take an authoritarian approach on set. We are an independent organization and do not have agreements with any filming authorities. We will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that both the animals’ needs and your production’s needs are met. 
  • We analyze script and advise in pre and post production as well as monitoring animal action on set. We return calls and e-mails promptly, arrive on time, communicate clearly and thoroughly, and deliver sign-offs in a timely manner.  
  • Although we appreciate as much notice as possible, we have also shown up on set for unscheduled requests. We understand the strict demands and time constraints of production, behave accordingly and adhere to the strictest level of professionalism. 


  • In this day and age of “everyone has a camera phone” and any animal-related event brings heightened awareness and scrutiny, we are an assurance to the public that your company complied with the highest humane industry standards while filming with animals. 
  • Many people believe animals should not be used in film at all and closely follow any commercials or shoots that use animals. We give your production peace of mind by assuring the public (including a notarized document if requested) that all animals were treated humanely, and we can vouch for all animal action
  • APA will be present on set at all times an animal is working, permitting us to vouch for all animal action always and our certified disclaimer clearly states that fact. 
  • Many studios, networks and distribution companies require a written disclaimer. In addition, it is imperative to be able to speak to the humane treatment of animals used on-set. It is legally mandated that state, local and federal animal welfare laws must be in effect anytime there are animals used. Don’t take chances with your production – APA offers actual animal welfare law expertise.


  • Our priority is animal welfare. As a result, APA has extremely low overhead which is what keeps our fees low. We do not use any funds for awards shows, parades, or for corporate events.  Any money we bring in through the work we do goes directly towards continuing and expanding our work in improving the lives of animals, both on set and off. 
  • We not only monitor animals on set, we provide humane education as well as expert witness services pertaining to all animal relevant issues. We are up to date, highly educated, committed professionals on the leading-edge of animal welfare and the safe and ethical use of animals. When you hire APA, you are hiring a reasonable, affordable and cost-effective organization.


  • Our clients have called us “highly professional”, “a joy to have on set” and a “breath of fresh air”. We understand that you have a choice, which is why we work so hard to please our clients while maintaining the highest industry standards in animal welfare. We’d love to work with you and prove that we are the best animal welfare option in the industry.

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