Our Mission

The Animal Protection Agency…

Protecting Animals in Production and Ensuring Safety. Protecting Animals Worldwide.

Protecting and celebrating animals on the set. We believe in humane training, production support and safety for all. The Animal Protection Agency is committed to protecting animals on film sets by providing experienced, expert consultant safety services in setting up and getting that perfect shot.

Education in the classroom, Humane domestic animal Training. Working together to spread kindness to animals, promote spay and neuter and foster understanding with our native wildlife by reaching out to the public with humane education programs and co-existence tips. We also provide shelter outreach to match you with the perfect pup!

Rescue and rehab. Corporate Social Responsibility practices. We rescue wildlife all year long as well as horses, dogs and other animals. While on location, we strive to include projects that allow us to leave the area and the local people and animals in better shape then when we first arrived. We believe in building bridges and protecting and improving the lives of all animals we come in contact with.