Quotes From Set

“We’re downright excited to collaborate with APA again on future productions! And we’re thrilled to have you on set with us again soon.”

I want to thank you in the name of everyone here! Everything has been wonderful and professional and your on-point help from the very beginning has been outstanding. Our APA Consultant has been absolutely amazing as well!

“This organization is top notch. True professionals who know about animals and understand what’s in their best interests on the set, safety first. I highly recommend this company!”

“I have worked with APA on 3 of the biggest dog movies I’ve done. Jami, Jone and the APA Consultants are very knowledgeable and respected within the film industry. They are not just involved in film but every aspect of animal safety. I have so much respect for them and all they do to help all animals on and off sets… APA is the real deal!”

It’s our universal opinion that APA was a great, respectful, caring, professional onset presence, from the entire production, our animal wranglers, the Studio, etc. And from the start, each of you couldn’t have been more collaborative, knowledgeable and responsive.” 

“When working with animals and animal people on ALL levels it’s great to know that APA is here when I need them. APA should be the organization that is on set when any animal is used. Why? Because they actually ‘protect’ animals. A great organization!”

“From the moment we first called, emailed and texted the APA team have been the best partners a production could hope for. You asked all the right questions about the animals, and provided great information for us, before you even arrived. Your amazing APA Consultant has been fully engaged and a lovely human since the moment we got her on set.”

“I have worked with APA on a number of films and they have demonstrated nothing but professionalism. They have experience in all facets of animal work and are supportive in every way. As a trainer with 30 years’ experience, I consider APA as part of my team of animal professionals. In this era of social media/misrepresentation APA can be an asset to any film production.”