APA is available and able to help you with pre-production questions and set-up as well as performing post-production work. This may include reading scripts, meeting with trainers, inspecting animal holding facilities and follow-ups for animals after shooting is completed. We want to be a part of your production as complete consultants and are interested and concerned about all aspects of working with animals in film.

Please be aware however, that we do not do partial coverage of animal action or stop-bys in order to keep our disclaimer’s integrity. We must monitor all animal action in order for a disclaimer to be issued. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Why do you need us on set?

  1. Documentation purposes

  2. Safety of Animal Actors

  3. Safe scene set up

  4. Experienced Animal Welfare Experts

  5. Notarized Disclaimer upon request*

  6. Detailed reporting of Animal Action

  7. Accountability and insurance purposes

        *Notarized Disclaimer available upon request, this may take up to 5 additional

         business days 

When should production using animal actors contact APA?

  1. Prior to any production filming any animal actors on a set

What information will APA require when I contact them?

  1. Contact information

  2. Production information

  3. Production Schedule

  4. Animal Action

  5. Day out of Days for Animals

  6. Call Sheets

What departments may need APA services?

  1. Stunt Coordinator

  2. Prop Master

  3. Art Director

  4. SFX

  5. Animal Trainers

  6. Wardrobe

  7. Hair and Makeup

  8. Camera

What type of productions does APA cover?

  1. Union

  2. Non-union

  3. Film

  4. TV

  5. Commercials

  6. Student Films

  7. Photo Shoots

  8. Documentaries

  9. Reality-TV shows

  10. Videos & Music Videos

  11. Independent Films

  12. International Films

What are APA Rates?

See our Services and Fees page (or you can always call us directly!)