Rescue & Rehabilitation

APA (a 501(c)3 company) rescues orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife and returns them to their natural habitat when they are ready to go. We focus mostly on raccoons, opossums and squirrels. We also rehab small songbirds. We are permitted with a satellite permit from The Nature of Wildworks. We receive calls from private individuals, veterinarians and local animal control when orphans are found. We raise the youngsters until they are old enough to release, teach them to find food and shelter and then release them in a place with year-round water, food and adequate shelter.

We are also committed to improving the well-being of wildlife though public education; focusing on how humans can safely and peacefully coexist with native wildlife, and on wildlife’s importance to humans and the environment. We can also  offer advice and guidance on humane solutions for “nuisance” wildlife concerns. We provide Free wildlife education programs for schools, organizations or anyone who is interested.

We recently took a trip to Paradise, California and assisted with the terrible wildfires aftermath. We helped a rehabbed deer who had been badly burned, put out feeding stations for birds and dogs and cats that were still at their burned out premises and handed out gift cards to people living in tents at the Walmart parking lot. It was a humbling and overwhelming experience and we are grateful to have assisted in some small way.

Recently, we were instrumental in rescuing two Devil’s Garden mustangs that were at risk of being sent to slaughter. They were acquired through a Forest Service round-up. Both horses will be heading to pasture in Montana!

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We fund our rehab with our own money, time and effort.