A Positive Pawprint

– An Animal Protection Agency Special Program Promoting Animal Welfare –

Animal Protection Agency’s (APA), A Positive Pawprint program, collaborates with productions and studios to foster and advance local community animal welfare programs in locations where production films and APA has worked with production on set. These benefits can include supporting shelters, animal rescue groups, wildlife rehab, endangered species, zoo conservation missions, etc. We believe this engenders not only important fundamental animal education and welfare efforts, but also a positive reaction from the public, by literally leaving behind A Positive Pawprint. APA is the only Animal Safety/Welfare Oversight Agency to offer this type of philanthropic asset.

Giving back to the community where filming takes place is an ideal way to show appreciation, and contribute to societal commitment. Importantly, whenever animals are involved in a project, local philanthropy touching upon the needs of animals is a significant, welcomed and valued endeavor. APA is available to assist in efforts to create A Positive Pawprint which can be a component of important social impact efforts, as well as public relations campaigns surrounding any feature films containing animal-action.

APA will work with production and the studio to discover opportunities, as well as provide and promote Social Responsibility endeavors, in the realm of animals/sustainability/environmental protection, wherever filming takes place – be it domestically or internationally. Our goal is to leave behind a lasting impression, while improving, and often saving, the lives of animals in the process.

APA has found that members of the cast and crew are often interested in engaging in the creation of a positive presence and, along with the studio involved, all those involved in production are always welcomed by APA to participate in an overall collaboration. Every location around the world has animals who need our help. Help which can include volunteerism, donations, awareness-building and much more.

Animals in film are the ambassadors for their species as well as the human-animal connection, and play an important role by touching the hearts of many thousands of people all around the globe. Acting animals promote awareness, education and a deeper understanding of how best we can share the planet with all creatures who deserve our care and compassion. APA is committed to the safety and welfare of the animals in the films we are so proud to work on, as well as being dedicated to assist and support the animal-outreach efforts our film colleagues. By offering APA’s vast animal knowledge and expertise, along with our animal welfare contacts and connections, we are able to join together with our film associates in doing our part for animals world-wide.

Recent Examples: Working with film production to release lobsters back into their natural habitat. Finding a humane permanent home for 100 sheep after production wrapped.

Please reach out to us by email or phone for further information and to discover how we can all make a difference in the lives of animals through A Positive Pawprint!