Danielle Wolcott

Danielle has had a lifelong love of animals starting from her early years in Australia, where she was born and learned how to ride horses, along with gaining great respect for wildlife. Eventually her family moved to California where she was able continued her love of horse riding while her family of animals continued to expand. Danielle’s early experience in production came from her parents who were a commercial director and a producer. 

Growing up on set surrounded by its own unique culture allowed her an intimate behind the scenes knowledge of how a set family of a film crew works. Once she was old enough, her jobs also included being a PA on various commercials and she continued this work throughout college. After graduating university, Danielle spent about 9 months in Spain, riding

some amazing Andalusian horses.  Upon her return to the states, she went on to become a specially trained PATH International qualified instructor and caretaker at Ride On, a nationally accredited therapeutic riding program where she instructed lessons, trained horses and supervised the health and needs for 22 horses. She found that watching the bond and inspiration the horses were able to provide, where other therapies had failed, was incredible.

Danielle went on to become an on set Certified Animal Safety Representative for many years, traveling extensively to sets both nationally and internationally. She is also a Humane Officer, having graduated from the Humane Academy at San Diego Humane Society & SPCA and is certified in Humane Investigations from Marin County SPCA. 

After taking some time off to start and spend time with her family, Danielle is now a very welcomed addition to the APA Animal Safety Consultant roster while being mom for two wonderful children who also have a passion for animals. That may be influenced by the large assortment of animals that are part of her family – three horses, two dogs, a potbellied pig that lives inside and thinks that he is a dog (only better), a bearded dragon, a blue tongue skink, and two pet rats.  All of this has led to a unique blend of animal and on set knowledge.