Eleanor Webber

Eleanor is based in Sydney, Australia. She is an experienced horse rider and trainer with years of experience in event management that involve live animal performances. Her lifelong love for animals began in her childhood. Riding horses became a natural part of her life from a young age, starting from pony club at 5 years of age, and starting her first horses under saddle as a teenager. She continues to train horses, and especially enjoys giving young horses their first experiences under saddle to set them up for a confident and happy life as riding horses. She has also spent time training and rehabilitating rescue dogs, and has experience with native Australian animals, including snakes. She seeks continual improvement of her knowledge and practice in understanding, caring for, and training animals.

Eleanor’s background in event management means she has a deep understanding of the requirements for animal safety in high-pressure situations. She has overseen a multitude of animal performances, including equestrian displays, canine showcases, and live shows featuring birds of prey.

Eleanor also trains horses for live performance shows, including medieval jousting and skill-at-arms, light horse troop drills, and other live shows including galloping alongside WW2 tanks and light infantry. She understands how important it is to prepare animals for experiences outside of the everyday and the variables it can include.

When not working with horses or event management, Eleanor works in design, art, and photography. Eleanor and her family live with 5 horses, a pony, and two cheeky indoor cats.