Elena Vascek

Elena has a dynamic background combined with life-long animal experience.  Ever since she was a little girl, she had a sincere interest in animal welfare and innate desire to advocate for them.  Often times she found herself with strays following her home and convincing her parents that they were keepers.  This life-long passion has driven her commitment to animal welfare, safety and wellbeing.    

Elena comes from a diverse background having lived in places such as former Czechoslovakia, Austria and Hawaii.  She has worked on motion picture sets on Kauai, her home prior to relocating to Los Angeles.  Working on film sets, Elena has collaborated closely with production in ensuring the protection of habitat and welfare of endangered animal species and animal actors.  Her natural ability to diplomatically communicate with cast and crew on animal safety, guidelines and compliance matters resulted in building positive rapport and relationships with productions resulting in successful outcomes on set.  In addition to her production experience, Elena has worked in the Veterinary field as well as in Emergency Medical Services providing care to animals and humans.  She’s also worked as a wrangler at Princeville Ranch on Kauai. She has extended herself to her community by volunteering at a non-profit facilities providing Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT).  Additionally, she trained her own miniature horse to become a therapy animal providing equine assisted therapy for patients at long term care facilities. 

Because of her commitment to animal welfare, she continuously seeks out new learning and training opportunities to expand her knowledge and believes that working with animals is a lifelong learning responsibility.  In her spare time, she enjoys mounted archery and spending time with her dogs.