Marco Hafenberg

APA Consultant, Marco Hafenberg, was born and raised in Germany and is one of our capable and experienced consultants. He has a genuine love of animals and everything he does goes directly to helping them in some way. 

He has been working with animals in production, and monitoring animals on film sets, since 2012 and has worked all over the world including Africa, South America and Asia. He has also trained police dogs for the military and police in Germany as well as being the go-to person for the airport authorities when animals are confiscated while being held illegally. He holds many professional certificates in Germany allowing him access to every kind of species in regards to training and keeping animals.

Marco has worked on hundreds of music videos, television shows and feature films. He has a particular interest in reptiles and was a friend of the late Steve Erwin. He founded the origination and rescue “Terrarium Brandenburg” to humanely house hundreds of rescued and confiscated reptiles. He speaks both German and English fluently and has the ability to travel throughout Europe to cover productions. We are very pleased and happy to have him!