Marnie Hoffman

Marnie has over twenty years’ experience training horses and many other animal species working on film, tv, commercials, music videos, and photo shoots. Simultaneously, she has spent the majority of her life training Andalusians, Lusitanos, and Friesians for dressage, breed competitions, and what is known as “alta escuela” (highly-schooled), such as the Lipizzaners at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. 

From a very young age, she was taught and guided by highly respected and knowledgeable horsemen and horsewomen. This included training, care, nutrition, and the overall well-being of animal athletes to help them reach their full potential. She spent many years doing exhibitions which were specially choreographed rides to music, which is now an Olympic sport. It taught her the finesse of where a horse needs to be (in production it’s called being “on a mark”) at an exact moment to perform a specific movement, as well as the discernment to know which horses are best suited to be working under spotlight and which horses are not best suited to that experience.

Her deep passion for animals, and her instinctive understanding of them, has led her to train beautiful baroque breeds of horses as well as myriad barnyard and exotic animals. Marnie still trains and gives lessons in her free time because she loves to help both animals and their owners. Work on-set providing animal safety oversight gives her great pleasure as she is there as an aid to the animals, the trainers, and to production; but her priority is and will always be, the animals!