Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott has been working with animals all of her life. She began riding horses and working at barns at age 7, and raised rabbits, sheep, and pigs in 4-H. Her first professional experience with animal healthcare was working as a veterinary assistant in high school and she has worked extensively in animal behavior, training, and healthcare over the course of her career.

Sarah earned her Bachelors in Equine science from Colorado State University and has trained horses and dogs professionally for over 20 years, specializing in aggression issues in dogs. In 2016 she began training animal actors and has worked with reptiles, birds of prey, corvids, skunks, raccoons, foxes, reindeer, cattle, parrots, coyotes, and other exotics on photo shoots, commercials, and features.

Sarah’s current household includes two Rottweilers, a Bengal cat, and a polydactyl cat who are experts at stacking themselves for naps in ways that leave Sarah at least a little room on the couch, a snake who enjoys scaring the cat when she gets too close, and a Savannah Monitor with his very own clownfish stuffie.