Tina Salaks

During Tina’s time as a Mounted Officer with the NYC Parks Department worked, and spent time, with Mounty, a rough-around-the edges Belgian Draft mix. They not only fell in love but also participated in several city events together. These included the Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade and numerous police horse competitions, as well as the Police Olympics. The dynamic duo went on to gain some screen credits as The Headless Horseman and stead in “Headless”.

Tina found a greater calling during the course of her work with the ASPCA, where she served as a Special Agent for the Humane Law Enforcement division. HLE was tasked with handling animal cruelty investigations. As Mounty had just been retired, and been adopted by Tina, the timing for Tina to work with HLE on cruelty cases, all the while overseeing the Central Park carriage horses. She became a member of the Equine Affairs unit. She also helped rescue hundreds of animals in the aftermath of 9/11. She has appeared on CNN with Paula Zahn and received commendations from local politicians Senator Marty Golden and Councilmember Vincent Gentile.

2001 was the first year that Animal Planet launched the groundbreaking series “Animal Precinct” which followed the HLE agents during their investigations. After her time at the ASPCA, Tina wrote the book “Paw and Order” which highlights some of her most memorable cases. She also spends time consulting for small animal rescue groups, stays active with equine issues, and is hoping to get another horse someday.